Passivhaus Air Leakage Testing

Zephyr Air Testing are pleased to be able to offer clients Passivhaus consultation and testing. We are authorised to carry out air leakage tests for Passivhaus buildings and we follow the ATTMA/Passivhaus trust joint standard TSL4. As a member of ATTMA with the +PH qualification, Zephyr Air Testing is authorised by the Passivhaus Trust to conduct air tightness tests.

It’s common for low energy buildings to be tested several times during construction to make sure that they are on track to gain Passivhaus certification.

The stages at which they are commonly tested are:

• Stage 1 – once the initial air barrier sealing works are completed

• Stage 2 – once the secondary fix works are complete

• Stage 3 – at completion

  • It is vital to Involve us at planning stage and we can advise on Passivhaus air tightness from the beginning of the project.

  • Have a minimum of three Passivhaus air tests. The first one at watertight stage.

  • Maintain attention to detail and seal any penetration in the plasterboard.

Please contact us if you require any more information on our Passivhaus air leakage testing services.